I am Paul Douglas, a musician based near Nottingham in England.  I play the piano and the guitar, currently playing keyboard and guitar in several bands.  I have decades of experience in performing, writing and recording music.

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I began playing the piano when I was 7 years old when my Dad bought a second hand piano.  I started taking classical piano lessons when I was 8, and went up through the grades eventually achieving Grade 8 and a diploma (A.L.C.M.).  Along the way I played the violin for a while, playing in several orchestras including Bolton Youth Orchestra, one of the top youth orchestras in the country for a while.

Although I haven’t played the violin in years, I still regularly play classical music on the piano.

It was in my teens, I guess aged about 14, when I first got into rock music and distorted electric guitars.  That was me corrupted for life!  Queen was the first band I really got into, and Brian May is probably the reason I first picked up a guitar.  I got an electric guitar for my 16th birthday, and never looked back.

Since that time I have played in many rock/pop covers bands, playing both keyboard and guitar.  I have also written and recorded lots of music in various styles, from solo classical piano pieces to full band heavy rock songs.

As a result of my writing/recording I have a lot of experience recording in my home studio, which I also share on my YouTube channel.

I am currently playing in two bands; a yet-to-be-named covers band and an originals band with an old musician friend of mine.  Details of these will follow here when I am ready to divulge them!