Make a Portable Recording Rig

What do you need in a portable recording rig?

Check out my video on how to put together a portable recording rig here.

Maybe you have a home recording setup….Big desktop computer and monitor, interface, loads of stuff plugged into it? Great! But supposing you want to do some recording away from your home? In this video we’re going to look at how to put together a portable recording setup that you can use to record….pretty much anywhere?

So they may be times when you need to record away from your home recording setup. Maybe you need to record a band rehearsal, or record a singer in their home, or maybe an interview in a cafe, or maybe even a singer songwriter in a park? We’re going to make a portable recording setup that will cope with all those situations.

The goal here is to make everything fit in….one of these! ….a laptop rucksack. Loads of these available on Amazon etc. for not much money. We don’t want to be hauling loads of kit around (we want this to be portable), so we want everything to fit in one of these.

We need;

1.Laptop (there are all-in-one solutions like the Zoom R24, but I’m so familiar with my software for recording (I use Reaper), that I’d always prefer to use that on a laptop even if it is bulkier)….

  • Any should do these days £300+
  • With your recording software installed on it, be it Audacity, Reaper, Cubase, Pro-tools, etc.
  • Don’t forget power supply! External mouse if you use one.

2. Interface

  • Preferably one that does NOT need mains power so you can record where non available (park, field, garden) – I use Scarlett Focusrite 2i2

3. Microphone (at least 1!)

  • Dynamic best for this for durability e.g. SM58/57; Loads of great mics on the market….anything upwards of ~£40-50 should be fine.

4. Headphones

  • Closed back
  • Not crappy earbuds (probably get away with these but not the best)
  • Price range £20 – £100

5. Cable(s)

  • Certainly an XLR at least (1 for each mi you take), maybe jack, maybe MIDI
  • Spares are always handy; limited by space in the bag

6. Microphone stand (might have to cheat with fitting in the bag here!)

  • Depends on situation; rehearsal studios will have mic stands.