Greta Van Fleet….just Led Zep clones?

Are Greta Van Fleet just Led Zeppelin clones?

Greta Van Fleet’s debut album was released on 19th October 2018.  There is some controversy surrounding the band regarding whether the band are simply Led Zeppelin clones, re-hashing music that was done better in the 1970s.

Now, even the most hard-core Greta Van Fleet fan must admit that the band do sound like Led Zeppelin.  The Jimmy Page-esque classic rock riffs and bluesy lead playing, the high-pitched Plant like vocals, that classic raw rock ‘n’ roll sound. However, just because a band sounds like an influence, does not mean that they are simply unworthy clones of the original.

Just because music is original, does not make it any good.  Correspondingly, just because music is not original, or derivative, does not mean that it isn’t any good.

My take on Greta Van Fleet is this. Yes, they sound like Led Zeppelin. However, what they do is executed so wonderfully well that they are far more than a clone. They have a great energy both live and on record, and are introducing a younger generation to a style of music they are almost certainly not familiar with.  They are injecting some much needed good old fashioned (with a modern take) high energy rock ‘n’ roll into a rather sterile music scene.

My personal hope is that the band have started a rock revival, that will grow and mushroom in the next few years.

To learn to play “The Cold Wind” by Greta Van Fleet on the guitar, check out this video tutorial of mine;

Learn The Cold Wind (Greta Van Fleet)