Are lunchbox head guitar amps giggable?

Short answer: yes!

Long answer:

The small format “lunchbox” head guitar amp has been around for a few years now.  The whole thing was started by the 15W Orange  Tiny Terror back in 2006.  This wasn’t the first small format head, but it was the first to achieve any kind of mass market penetration and sales.

If around that time you had turned up to a pro gig with your lunchbox format amp, the soundman may well have been less than impressed, if not have laughed you out of the room. The idea that a credible amp sound could be obtained from something so small just wasn’t even a consideration back then.

But thanks to the Tiny Terror, and to pro guitarists with a lot of influence using lunchbox head format amps – Rob Chapman with his Victory RD-1 springs immediately to mind – that is most certainly no longer the case. Even for metal where power is everything, the Joyo Bantamp ZoMBie has become accepted as a source of great tone for metal guitarists.

Personally, I have a setup of a Joyo Bantamp JaCkMan put through a Harley Benton G112 cab loaded with a Celestion V30 speaker.  I love this combination, and it sounds killer.  Check out a demo video of it here:

Joyo JackMan HB G112 Demo/Review